Since Version 1.2 all the galleries have the masonry layout with the filter function and are cutomizable with some pre made classes:


Published Memes can be filtered using the Meme Categories
(managed under Memes > Categories)

Templates can be filtered using the Meme Template Tags
(managed under Media > Meme Tags)

To assign one or more tags to a template, go under Settings > MeMeMe > Templates, select the template > Edit Image


You can set some pre compiled classes inside the field CSS class, available for Memes and Templates galleries.

mmm-shadow sets a shadow behind the thumbnails

This example uses

[mememe-templates class="mmm-shadow"]

mmm-rounded sets rounded corners to the thumbnails

This example uses

[mememe-templates class="mmm-rounded"]

Styles can be combined.
The shortcode [mememe-templates] has also the checkable option ‘title’

This example uses

[mememe-templates class="mmm-shadow mmm-rounded mmm-dark" title="1"]

mmm-dark sets a dark skin

This example uses

[mememe-list class="mmm-dark"]

mmm-frame sets a border around the thumbnails

This example uses

[mememe-list class="mmm-shadow mmm-frame"]

mmm-card (available for Memes galleries)

This example uses

[mememe-list class="mmm-shadow mmm-card"]


Button colors are the same used for the Meme generator’s tools, and can be set under Settings > MeMeMe > Style

You can also set a custom light and dark color for the galleries