I'm Nicola Franchini, creative developer.

I work as Web Designer and Developer since the year 2000, doing custom WordPress themes, websites and web applications, playing with PHP, JavaScript and CSS

Veno File Manager

VFM 3 is an easy and powerful plug-and-play file manager written in PHP, to quickly creating private file clouds.

Supports any language and comes with many features, all adjustable from an intuitive administration panel.
A lot of skins included to best suit your needs.


The Ultimate Meme Generator, an advanced WordPress plugin to convert your site in a meme portal


WordPress Plugin to create maps with custom styles, multiple markers, info windows with rich text editors. Widget and Block available. Vector maps supported.


Just another responsive Lightbox plugin, suitable for images, inline contents, iFrames, Google-Maps, Ajax requests, Vimeo and YouTube videos, born to handle vertical scrollable contents.


PHP script to generate QR Codes with custom colors and watermarks in few clicks!

Google Maps location finder and PayPal included. Available formats: .png, .svg, .eps


A WordPress plugin to display some random cards on the table.
You can offer tarots, playing cards, memory games, or simply random responses to your visitors, in a nice way.

Magic Answers

A funny WordPress plugin to guess the future!

Choose between the Magic 8 Ball, the Tarots, or the ancient Mouth of Truth. Unlimited custom answers.


A simple and lightweight plugin for custom notification messages, available as jQuery plugin.

The notifications can be shown only one time, every new session, or always, and they can be dismissed with page scrolling.

Ministero degli Antani

Italian political Lorem Ipsum generator, the best way to prepare your speechs if you want to stand as a candidate in the next elections!

Nyan Greetings

Send custom messages with a Nyan Cat

Drama Button

Turn up the volume and push the button!